Weight Loss


If you clicked on this page, than you are more observant than most.

I decided I'm through with being pleasantly plump, Reubenesque, chubby, curvy, plus sized, or whatever other euphemism you may have. I am what I am: obese and bordering on morbidly.

I used to have another blog about weight loss and it served me well until I had some very personal things happen, and it essentially halted my progress.

So, here I am at (I'm not yet comfortable publishing my weight for Google to find and exploit) pounds. This needs to change. Now.

Until I find that right doctor to wire my mouth shut, I am going to have to count on myself. And I am not the most reliable person.

And hey, does someone know how to add an extra blog to my blog? I think this is just a page.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for the hottie behind the blog.


(As of 2-12-13) I'm down at least 52 pounds since last April. I say at least because I haven't gotten on a scale in a while, but I'm fitting into sizes I haven't worn since I met DH. I eat mainly lower carb, but life is meant to be enjoyed and if I want an ice cream cone, damn it, I have one. I just don't have the entire carton.