About Me

I was born on a cold Tuesday afternoon...

I'm Jessica. Nice to meet you. This blog came about in July 2010 when I was ready to sell my three little darlings for a nap and nice Chardonnay. (Sorry, no Chianti and fava beans.)

I'm a book contributor (hey it's 6 words, but it's there and it's mine), published poet, former newspaper reporter, and constant complainer. I hold a BA from Augustana College in Rock Island, IL, where I was a happy little English major and Resident Assistant.

I love Jen Lancaster and Anne Lamott books, have a weird lifetime crush on Weird Al, and once got to interview Loretta Lynn over the phone.

I live in Wisconsin but am not from here originally. Neither is my husband. We're just confused transplants living in the Land of Beer and Cheese.

I try to be a good person, but sometimes I have an overwhelming urge to tie someone up to my apple tree and make them listen to crappy 90s novelty rap songs. And when this happens, I funnel my urges to this blog.