Monday, February 25, 2013

NPR and The Snarky Mom

Back in the day, I worked for WVIK, the NPR station in the Quad Cities where I went to college. I saw an ad to work at a radio station and had visions of Loni Anderson and David Silver (90210...remember, he had a gig playing tunes at West Beverly) dance in my head.

I arrive there and find out it's an NPR station. Being raised by conservatives, I had never heard of NPR my entire life. It was apparent my first day that I was actually going to do work. A lot of work. Involving writing and interviewing and other smart-people things. (My first day, I had to compile a brief biography of John Denver, as he had just died a few days before.) I lasted about about a week there.

Looking back, I wish I had stuck around that job, because it was (retroactively) fascinating and cool, and I probably could have raised a few IQ points over the years.

Why tell that seemingly random and unflattering story? Well, yours truly will be on NPR tomorrow afternoon, and not because I called in for 1D tickets. Here, let me boldface that for you:

Tuesday, February 26 during All Things Considered (3-6 p.m.) an interview with me, Mean Jessica, will air to a nation of unsuspecting smart people.

I responded to something NPR posted on Facebook, and the next day, Allison Aubrey called me. I'm still amazed that she chose my response. It's for a series called "Crunch Time" and it's about what happens with families between the hours between when the kids get home from school and go to bed.

Oh honey. I could write you a novel.

(When I posted this on my Facebook page, a smart friend of mine from college asked what the subject was. I laughed at myself when I responded "My thoughts on Benghazi." I quickly posted underneath that what it really was.)

I don't want to give too much away about the interview; just know that you get to hear my thoughts on modern day parenting, pop culture references, and the chaos of my kids at dinner time.

I just hope I haven't embarrassed myself by broadcasting all of this. I mean, more than I embarrass myself by writing these posts, anyway.

So tune in tomorrow to Smart People Radio (what I called it to my nephew last year, when he asked what it was), and hear me attempt to be smart for a little bit.

And maybe a Simpsons' reference or two.

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