Sunday, February 10, 2013

And now for your entertainment...

Hi folks...

I'm still here, alive and mostly well. I've got some posts lined up for the coming days, including a fabulous guest writer that you all NEED to know. I've taken a job (gulp) since the beginning of December, which happens to correspond with when I last posted. There's some other stuff going on here too, all great, that I'll explain later. But man, I need to learn how to juggle all of this better. Or just hire a staff. Someone out there will work for cookies and funny texts, right?

Here's something to entertain you. This was yesterday. Larry Potter had a piano thing at a Barnes and Noble, and here's his performance. Well, parts of it. I had to cut transmission when Mini Me sucker punched Hoover; she was trying to help me out. Watch and you'll see why. This is a pretty good cross sample of what my winter has been like.

Still Stuck in Wisconsin,


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