Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Cookies and Conceitedness

Today's post is totally self-serving, is only about things that interest me, and is written with the hopes that someday it makes me famous.

Just like everything else I post.

But this one is promoting something. What, exactly, besides my own brand of questionable humor? My other blog.


You all know I have another blog, right?

It's okay if you don't, as it's only a few weeks old. I have other aspects to my personality than what you read about here, and this other blog showcases one of those very sides.

(Other sides about me include my Marilu Henner-like memory, affinity for poetry, and membership in the jelly of the month club.)

(Okay, maybe not that last one.)

Every December since 2004, I have baked a different kind of cookie every day until Christmas Eve. I like to bake, and this generally cures me of that desire until the next year. Last year, I started posting my cookies on Facebook, and people wanted the recipes. It was too hard to keep up. This year, I have a blog.


Angry Gingerbread Man is going to cut you.

It's informative, but not as PG-13 as this blog. I have to be able to point my aunts and church ladies to the link, so I keep it relatively G rated.

(But if they're able to find this blog from that one, all bets are off.)

So come over, read my baking experiences and try some of the recipes. I want to be Pioneer Woman famous.

But you know, only for a month.

And to anyone that reads that blog, I plan to use mother f-ing cardamom in every recipe from now on.

(You'll get it once you read the other blog.)

And the real kicker in all of this is: I started a new job this week, have to get my grad school application in by the 15th, and oh yeah, I'm doing low-carb and can't eat one GD cookie.

Merry Christmas from your local martyr.

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  1. No better martyr than a grad student mama. Looking forward to welcoming you to the club...if you get your application done. ;-)