Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Year Older...

Big Bird. Mr. Rogers. Spike Lee. Holly Hunter. Ovid. Henrik Ibsen. Me.

We're a diverse kind of crew.

All of these people have one thing in common. I'll give you a hint: today.

Yes, this day 33 years ago, I made my grand entrance into this world, three weeks late, amidst drama, and causing my mother so much pain, she had to be put under.

Not much has changed since.

I look forward to my birthday the way an 8 year old does. I love it. I start a countdown in February and am generally pretty obnoxious about it up until the actual day...and quite often, extending well into April. Disgruntled Husband's birthday is exactly 6 weeks later, so I have to quit by then, as to not step on his birthday celebratory toes.

The other day, I asked JDub if she had gotten the parade route okayed by the local police. She didn't know what I was talking about (and, truth be told, she's such a school volunteer, I bet she at first thought she forgot to do something for the PTA or something...which is what I was going for). Then, I asked if she got the TV crew on board. And the balloons.

"What on earth are you talking about," she said.
"For next Tuesday," I said.
It took her a minute. Then, "You are so dumb."

(It's the love I stick around for with her.)

It really is Big Bird's birthday, too. He turns 6 every year. This was awesome when I was little. I told Mini Me this today, and she asked, "Who's Big Bird?" ::Sigh:: I bet SpongeBob doesn't have a designated birthday.

My kids are a little more receptive to my grandiose birthday expectations. Last year, Hoover wanted to get me a new car. DH happened to take the kids to the mall and there was a car parked in there to advertise for a car dealership. As it was told to me, Hoover ran right up to it and exclaimed, "This is perfect! Dad, this is the car I want to get for Mom!"

That's my boy.

This year, DH surprised me with a new iPad, 3rd generation. It has a pink cover and an inscription that says something to the effect of "Happy Birthday to The Snarky Mom." I have a hard time accepting such an expensive and frivolous gift, but I know he really wanted me to have one. And, there were QUITE a few years where he couldn't afford to buy me anything for my birthday. I have to get over my own anxieties and accept my gift graciously.

This past year has been a bumpy ride for me. (I think they all are, actually, but this one more than most.) This blog has shown you a few of my struggles, but there were more. I think everyone has certain friends that bring out certain sides to them, and I reconnected with some of mine that made me deal with things I wasn't going to deal with otherwise. In the end, they reminded me of who I was before I got lost in wife and motherhood, and in turn, it has made me a much happier person, wife, and mother.

But I'm still waiting for my parade. Get on those permits, JDub.

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