Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's Super Bunion!

All right, all right. Everyone settle down.

(In my head, this image is like the real teacher coming in after a long-term sub. Only this time, the sub is dead air and I don't really think I'm teaching you anything.)

I am aware that I haven't posted in almost a month. Think about the last time I posted...December 21st. Then, it was Christmas. Then it was the week my kids were off of school. Then it was New Years.

Then I had surgery.

Two weeks ago, on January 4th, I had foot surgery. My left foot had a horrible bunion on it since I was about 12. It's hereditary (seriously, you should have seen my family reunion back in September...we should have coordinated it with the American Podiatry Association).

Now, I know what you're thinking, "A bunion? That's no big deal."

Oh, this was no ordinary bunion. It was a super bunion. With super powers. I swear, it needed a cape.

I've been to the podiatrist in the past, and was always advised to wait until my children weren't babies any more, so I could recover appropriately.

Well, we were at that point of life. So I went back in, had x-rays, and was promptly told that it was above and beyond what my podiatrist could do, so he sent me to an orthopedic surgeon.

I told you this was a Super Bunion.
I hope you like my artist's rendition. This is actually pretty accurate as to what my foot looked like. Seriously, it was like it was trying to grow another big toe.

Now, it's not a matter of vanity for me. (Maybe my step-sisters, because they couldn't even look at it in the summers!) It effected my walking, my balance, how long I could stay on my feet, and it even got to the point that I couldn't find shoes to fit any more. Mini-Me is going to kindergarten in the fall, which means I really, REALLY need to find a long-term job. And unfortunately, around where I live, most of the jobs involve standing or walking for long periods of time.

The surgery was scheduled for January 4th. I did this for two reasons: 1.) I didn't want to do it before Christmas and 2.) It's an EIGHT week recovery, and honestly, what am I going to do in January in Wisconsin anyway?

Eight weeks of recovery may not sound too bad. However, it's 8 weeks totally off my foot. No weight bearing whatsoever. I've been living in my basement since, with help from Disgruntled Husband, my mom and other friends to get me food, and take care of the kids.

Quite frankly, it sucks. There's a lot of TV watching, a lot of Facebook time, and my beloved Sims have left me. (The Wii stopped working two days after surgery. I cried.)

I haven't written because the drugs finally ran out (who wants a post from Percoset Place?) and there really isn't anything going on.

It's been that exciting, folks. DH is ready to kill me, the kids have stopped coming down here in fear that I ask them to bring me something, and the cats are looking at me like, "Hey, you fat lazy blob. Sitting in the chair all day is my gig. Get the F up."

So that's where I'm at right now. I take all suggestions of books or movies, and hey, while you're up, can you get me some Diet Dr. Pepper?


  1. I cannot imagine being off my feet for 8 weeks. I think I would die. Kudos to you for tying to find ways to entertain yourself!

  2. The Outlander books by Diana Galbaldon. 7 huge books that I adore. But if you have an e-reader, definitely try to read them on there--those suckers are heavy. I hope you feel better--I also had bunion surgery in Wisconsin in the winter, although not as involved as yours.

  3. If you *want* to be able to get up, may I suggest a knee walker? Also known as a rollabout walker? You place the bent knee of your operated leg on a thing that looks like a scooter, and tada! you can get around without the danger of crutches--they're impossible!--and no chance of putting any weight on your foot. (you can trust me, I'm a therapist) That's what my neighbor got when she broke her ankle and was 6 weeks non-weight-bearing over Christmas. Of course, if you're enjoying your downtime, forget I said anything.

  4. Yikes! Sorry!

    ...this might be a good time to take up knitting.

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  8. I am mindful that I haven't posted in right around a month. Consider the last time I posted...December 21st. At that point, it was Christmas. At that point it was the week my children were off of school. At that point it was New Years.