Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Pin this, Sucka

JDub and I have a new obsession: Pinterest.

If you're not familiar with Pinterest (which JDub and I differ on our pronunciations...I say it's pin-ter-rest, she says it's pin-trest), please don't rely on me to explain it. My explanation is really lame: it's a thing on the internet with good ideas you can virtually pin to your virtual bulletin board.

See? Lame.

I suggest you go check it out: http://www.pinterest.com .

There are different categories to search through, and different people to follow. I generally peruse through the humor category and then maybe Holidays or Fitness. There's a way to link what you see on the internet and put it on Pinterest, but I haven't figured it out yet.

Many hours have been wasted on this site. It's the new Facebook. If you're crafty, this is your mecca.

Just one of the many things I've found on Pinterest that express how I feel on a daily basis.

If you're like JDub, you can pin paint colors and organizational ideas you'll never use. If you're like me, you'll pin really funny, yet inappropriate sayings and household hints to make life easier than it already is.

From what I understand, you may need an invite to join. If you do, email me at mamasnarky@gmail.com and I'll see what I can do. Also, if you want to follow me on Pinterest, my name to search is Mean Jessica.

(Yes, Mean Jessica. It's also what will show up if you get an email from me. This is thanks to JDub's friends that I've never met.)

Come discover the newest in time-suckage with me.


  1. I am completely addicted to Pinterest! Definitely the new time sucker!!!

  2. I love pinterest. One of the best sites ever. You do need an invite but they will send you one if you don't know anybody on the site. I think it took maybe 6 hours to get one that way but I have sent some to family and the get them right away without the delay.