Tuesday, August 30, 2011

What's in a name?

I went to the school yesterday to talk with Hoover's new teacher.
(She's a friend of mine, so it's really not that big of a deal.)

(Plus, I'm so excited for school to start that I've been hanging out there like a groupie.)

On my way out, I pass by the classroom where Mini Me will be this year. I notice her teacher has the coat hook labels up. I can't find my child's name.

But I see a name she could be. Not the name I named her. Not the one that's on the birth certificate that we presented to the school.

Two weeks ago, when I registered my kids for school, I noticed they had the wrong name down for Mini Me. I had it corrected (well, as much as it could be with a ball point pen and a clusterf*ck of a new registration system) and hoped that would be it.

Apparently not.

(I didn't have high hopes for this, as in our packet of materials for school it said to be sure to update all phone numbers and emergency contacts, as they will be updating their records this year. Um, isn't that supposed to happen EVERY year? Apparently, I've been filling out forms needlessly for five years now.)

Heck, the school SHOULD take it upon themselves to rename my kids!
It's not so much a spelling thing, as a whole different name thing. I'm stepping out of my blogger anonymity for a moment...MM's real name is Annie. Annie, with an I-E. It's on her birth certificate like this. The school has left out the I, making all of her forms and decorations and novelty birthday lists have Anne on it.

There's nothing wrong with the name Anne. Not at all. But it's not my daughter's name.

I posted a question on Facebook last night about if and how I should say something. Thanks, everyone for your responses. Everyone said to correct it. A special shout-out to the mom of Zoe, with an umlaut on top of the E. (If I could figure out how to do it on my keyboard, I totally would.) I mean, if she can stand up for punctuation (and you rock for doing so!) I can definitely put my mom balls on and talk to the school.

But, since it's me, I do tend to take things a step further. I left a message on the teacher's voice mail, explaining the problem, and could she please have the right name up for this afternoon when we go for "Meet the Teacher" night. I also called the district administration office.

I will be stopping in the school office tonight if it isn't corrected.

I feel I am justified since it's not a case of "My Jasmine's name is spelled with a Z and two Ys and a silent Q at the end," but rather a whole new name entirely.

I just hope MM's teacher doesn't think I'm a Pain-in-the-Ass mom.

At least, not this early in the year.


  1. Every time I have to type an email about Zoe with an umlaut over the "e," I curse her mother. And I know how to get the umlaut. I'm just to lazy to make it happen. - Zoe's Aunt

  2. I think you had every right to say something. As you pointed out, it wasn't just a spelling error with the same sounding result, it's a spelling error with a whole new name. I also laughed a little remembering when I was younger and my Mom spent hours doing all my forms to read my full name "Julie XYZ" (obviously it wasn't XYZ) and I HATED it so much I crossed out my middle name on every form I could find and demanded of all teachers each year that I was "Just Julie"! I still have that nickname and I'm 27.

  3. I don't see what the big deal is - it sounds like somebody made an honest mistake somewhere and that it then propagated through everything because everyone has to get their information from the same source. So there's nothing at all wrong with correcting it -- they'll probably appreciate it, especially Annie's teacher. And take heart - I bet the Chinese kids at Annie's school go through this all the time.

  4. I get it . . . I really do, being Michele with one "L" and all and having to deal with YEARS of misspellings during my school years. I agree that you should have said something.

    But the teacher in me wishes you wouldn't have called the District Administration Center just yet. Talk to the teacher, sure. Then, call the office. Most likely it's a mistake on their part; give them a chance to fix it. If it's not taken care of right away, then I'd have called the Admin. office. Just my two cents.

    I don't think the teacher will think you're "that parent" from this one thing. If anything, it shows that you're observant and want to make things right! I wish more parents would do that!