Monday, August 29, 2011

School Year Resolutions

This week is the week I've been waiting for all summer.

By the time Friday rolls around, I will have two school boys in my house. It's almost bittersweet.

(Mini Me starts next Tuesday.)

Fall, at least as it pertains to the school year, is in the air. Which means it's time for the (now) 2nd Annual....

Snarky Mom's School Year Resolutions
(Last year's weren't so much an entertaining blog entry as they were my mantra for everyday life. I mostly did okay with them. Perhaps there were two months in-a-row that Larry Potter missed his snack day, but he had a long term sub, so I deem it okay.)

1.) Be aware of their school lunch accounts before they go into debt in the cafeteria. I swear, the lunch ladies trying to collect are worse than New York City mobsters. After two days with a negative balance, they make my boys eat cheese sandwiches instead of the regular lunch. What? Do they think that I'm not good for the money? Perhaps it's just my children, since I've been known to personally threaten the Food Services Directors. Either way, I resolve to do better so my kids don't end up paying my vendetta being embarrassed in the lunch line.

I aspire to be as happy in my kitchen as this family.
2.) Get up before my children and be all June Cleaver-y. I know LP can pour his own breakfast and get his clothes on without me. Except much of the time, he doesn't. So he ends up going to school in yesterday's clothes, complaining that he's hungry, and making little Jimmy's mom - who has track marks and lives in the motel across the street - look like Mom of the Year. My kids have a mom, a pretty decent one, and it's time for them to not look like they spent the night on the park bench.

3.) Enforce homework/silent reading/whatever else your teachers have told me to do time. In the past, homework has always been completed before the kids got to school. Which is great, until you find out that it was usually done frantically before or during breakfast. And silent reading logs? They may as well been lawn care coupons left in the door; we never used them and most often threw them out when the pile got to big. Not any more! Homework will be done before dinner, as I prepare the meal, like so many warm and fuzzy Stouffers commercials have told me that's what I should aspire to. Which also means I will be preparing a hot meal each night. Two birds, one stone!

Wish me luck, folks. I want to hear from the moms that do all of this without a public list and shaming. How do you do it? What's your resounding motivation? Is there wine involved? I need all the help I can get (before the school intervenes).


  1. My daughter's teacher enforced homework for us last year by requesting that parents sign the kid's planner every night. If my oldest hadn't been so obsessed with making sure she got a sticker in her planner, homework probably would've been forgotten til morning quite often here. I'm not sure yet what my plan for this year is... No play time til homework is done sounds unfair since it gets dark so early, but it'd be easier because their daddy goes to bed at 4 pm (works weird hours) and he'd be awake right after school to help with homework... With the hot meals, the crock pot is my best friend! And with waking up before the rest of the kids, I have a 9 month old who refuses to sleep past 6 am, so that's not a problem either LOL.

    Can you pay the school lunch account online? What about setting a phone alarm to go off the day before their lunch account is due to be paid? My calendar is my best friend, I have absolutely NO memory so if bills are gonna get paid, they'd better be on the calendar, otherwise we're losing electricity, cable, internet, and possibly our home!

  2. a calendar, a sticker award system at the school and my husband cooks. he rocks. i suck.

  3. Our lunch ladies give the cheese sandwich--cold--too. It's not just you! I pay the lunch accounts online, even thought there is a small service fee, but still they run out on occasion. I blame it on the middle school allowing my kiddo to BUY bottled water when I send her with a water bottle all the time. they also sell Crystal-light or Kool-Aid with which to flavor said bottled water. And Cheetos, Doritos, etc. Garbage! Where is Jamie Oliver when I need him?