Friday, August 19, 2011

How spoiled I've been

We're at two weeks and counting for back-to-school. So, like any good mom, I've started the whole shopping process, individually with each of my kids, to ensure they have enough special time with Mom.

Or because I don't want to deal with the fighting.

Either one.

I took Mini Me out first. I told Disgruntled Husband a number for a budget for her, and he was good with that number. But both of us didn't count on one thing that, looking back now, I can't believe we were so dumb as to forgot.

I've never done back-to-school shopping with a girl.

With the boys, it was always pretty simple. A new shirt for the first day, a new shirt for picture day, maybe a new pair of jeans, socks, and new shoes. And most of the time, I could pick these up without them.

(My step-sister gives me awesome hand-me-downs from her boys, so really, what I buy them is actually superfluous.)

I told MM I would take her shopping, and she about leaped into the van, like a puppy going on a road trip. We stopped at McD's for dinner (because all good back-to-school mindsets starts with saturated fat and chemically-laden meat), and then were on our way to the outlet mall.

And then Walmart. And then we got home. at 10:30 at night.

Oh yes, very different than a boy.

This is why your brothers have half the clothes and attitude.

First of all, she likes everything. And wants it all, in the cart. Most of our trip was not spent shopping, but negotiating. This girl either has a lucrative career ahead of her in sales or law.

She about jumped for joy when I suggested we try something on.

We went to four stores, and ended up at the shoe store. It was supposed to be one pair of shoes, maybe two.

Four shoe boxes later, we were out of there. With her insisting on carrying the bag of shoes.

The budget? Double.

I came home with a heavy sigh and a sense of dread...I was in trouble. But I know if DH had taken her shopping, it would have been worse.

When I took Hoover last night, he wanted two shirts. That's it. I bought him a pair of name brand shoes because I felt bad I spent more on his sister. His criteria for the shoes? That they make him run fast.

Boys are way less maintenance.


  1. I totally feel your pain...I have 2 girls and 0 boys. The only thing I can offer is try Kohl's. great sales and they give you cash to come back another day and buy yourself something nice :)

    Michelle White

  2. I have 4 girls. Now you know why I own a consignment shop and moonlight at the local catalog retailer.