Thursday, August 11, 2011

The great PJ war of '11

Maybe I'm just getting lazy. Er.

Maybe it's because it's summer.

Maybe it's because I've started working again.

I don't know the exact reasoning. It could be a combination of all of these.

My kids refuse to wear pajamas now.

It's such a dumb thing, but it really bothers me. Every night, as they head up the stairs, I remind them that those pieces of clothing next to the underwear in the top drawer are what they are to wear to bed.

And every morning, Larry Potter greets me in the same clothes he wore the day before.

(If it's the weekend, it's possible they are the same clothes he wore for two days in-a-row.)

Hoover, if he's had a timing issue in the bathroom will don his pajama pants, but normally, he likes to sleep in his undies. Mini Me, though a drawer bursting with adorable season-specific pjs, will try wearing her flannel Tinkerbell pjs. She ends up getting too hot and sleeps in just her undies, too.

Breakfast at my house is something to behold.

For the love of GOD, put these on!

I don't know what the appeal of either wearing the days' clothing to bed or only wearing one's skivvies to slumber is. I've asked LP why he does this, and the answer is pure laziness.

"Well, if you don't notice, then I don't have to bother getting dressed again the next day."

Gross, dude.

While LP is very modest, Hoover doesn't care. In the mornings, I typically go out on the porch with my coffee and newspaper. Yes, I'm still in my pjs, but that's the point...I'm wearing pjs. Hoover will come out to talk to me wearing nothing but his tighty-whities.

And then Mini Me, who wants to do everything her brothers do, follows him. Except, she thinks that if she wraps her thread-bare blankie around her, she's wearing clothes.

Honey, me and DCFS say you're not.

At least it's getting colder and they will soon start to need to wear something to bed, which means-if I'm lucky- they will wake up with something on, too.

Let's just hope it's not yesterday's clothes.


  1. TheBoy is a nekkid sleeper 90% of the time, even when it's cold. It might be genetic. ;-)

  2. My boys sleep in their undies too. They think they are all super cool. As long as they put pants on though before breakfast, I'm ok with that.

  3. Hahahahahaha!

    My younger 3 have spent most of the summer sleeping in just panties (or, in the boy's case, a diaper). I've had to tell them they're not allowed outside without clothing on. Apparently that's a hard rule to remember, because it still happens most mornings, they try to follow me out when I go to run the trash out!