Thursday, July 7, 2011

Delusions of a Goodwill Employee

Dear Goodwill Employee Deb:

Last week, I came to your store in search of furniture for Disgruntled Husband's new office. I found a nice computer desk for $10 that would work well for us and brought the tag to you.

You rang it up and indicated that someone would help me load it in The Limo if I brought it around front. Which I did. Everything was loaded up and brought back to the new office.

This week, as I was calculating all of the expenses of the Blaze of Glory, I entered the cost of the desk, from the receipt, on to my Excel spreadsheet.

Here it is:

Did you happen to catch what I saw? Here, let me point it out for you:

Hey Deb, I'm all for discounts and everything, but you're a good 30 years older than I am. If you think I get the SENIOR DISCOUNT because you do, one of two things is happening:

1.) You are delusional if you think you look to be about the same age as me...which is 32.
2.) I need to do a full-on glitz pageant beauty regiment before I shop at Goodwill.

I know I wasn't looking fabulous when I went to your store that day...I believe I was wearing a black sleeveless shirt, jean shorts, sandals, and no makeup, but in no way did I look to be 55, which is what I'm assuming your "seniority" starts at.

I saw people in there wearing mis-matched crocs and faded Sea World shirts, so please assure me it was you making the mistake that day.

I don't think I'll be back at your location any time soon. And, side note, I'm about at Platinum Shopper level at since I discovered my discount. I'm sure they thank you.

A few years away from Botox,
The Snarky Mom


  1. Perhaps she was being generous and gave you HER discount! LOL!

  2. maybe she was just feeling generous. money saved is still. . money saved =)

  3. I think she was helping you out and being nice to you offering by you the discount!

  4. Ouch! There's a difference between being snarky, which I personally happen to love, and being unappreciative or so overly sensitive you didn't notice when someone was being nice to you!

  5. I think she was just being generous, darlin'. When stuff like that happens, I'm normally giddy. Even for a few cents, which is sad.

  6. And who the FUCK goes to Goodwill in a limo?

  7. Hey Asshat. The Limo is what I call my minivan. You're a quick one.

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