Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer, how you scare me

My kids get out of school June 7th, but some moms only have until the end of this week to bask in the solitude. Or the hours they don't have to pay for daycare.

I'm nervous about the summer. All of my kids. Everyday. For three months. Sure, I used to do this on a daily basis before they went to school, but that's also when they used to take naps and not tattle and be entertained by Fisher Price toys or Dora.

In the spirit of psyching myself up for the summer (you know, fake it 'till you make it...) I've come up with five reasons to look forward to the summer:

1.) Can (theoretically) sleep in.
2.) Sending the kids outside to play will limit the mess inside.
3.) The Pool and all it's glory.
4.) Popsicles are the favorite snack and also the most affordable one.
5.) Shorts take up less room in the laundry, therefore making for less loads of laundry.

I don't know about you, but all except for number one seem like hollow victories.

Here's what I'm not looking forward to:

1.) The fighting.
2.) The summer activities that may cause me to empty my savings account.
3.) Policing the food so it doesn't become an all-summer open buffet of snacks.
4.) The whining.
5.) Bees.

(The last one only because my kids freak the F out at the sight of bees. I don't mind them, they rarely bother anyone here, except their mere presence convinces my kids that even though it's 80 degrees and sunny out, they should play inside the rest of the day.)

This woman obviously doesn't have any children.
I started this blog last July because I needed an outlet that wouldn't A.) Have me investigated by DCFS and B.) Put me on the fast track to a treatment facility. Now that I have the blog, what I am going to do? Will it be enough? These are genuine concerns I have.

Last year about this time, I wrote out on a paper calendar all of the activities offered by our Parks and Rec department, as well as our local library. We didn't make 98% of them. And the paper calendar just hung there, mocking me.

These days, I'm digital and Gmail calendar and I have sync'd up. And if we don't make something, I can just delete it. It may not be a winning scenario, but at least it's not a total forfeiture on my end.

This weekend, I plan on hitting CostCo for popsicles, lemonade mix, granola bars and Chardonnay. And then there's stuff for the kids (Ba Dum Dum. I'll be here all week, folks!)

I want my kids to have a fun summer. I would also like there to be minimal fighting, "I'm booooored"s, and hemorrhaging money for swim lessons and snacks. But, like the spring, I can't appreciate it fully unless I endure the winter.

The fall will just be that much more glorious if I suck it up for the summer. Or so my therapist will remind me around August.


  1. Get vodka too. It helps. Puts them to sleep (ha).

    I hate the expense of doing almost anything around me in the summer. although we do have a free zoo that I'm hoping to actually make it to this year more than once.

    Good luck. Nice thing about all the stupid days off in NJ? Is that the kids aren't out of school until like June 20 or something close to that:)

  2. I feel ya, and I'm not even really there yet. Preschool has been out for 1 week already. Not sure how I'll feel when they're in "real" school. A friend of mine usually posts a link about free stuff to do in WI with kids, so when I see it, I'll try to let you know.

  3. You need a "bored box". You get a shoebox and put it on a high shelf. Anytime (and everytime) a child says "I'm bored" you give them the box. The rule is that they MUST do the thing that is in the box. Sometimes it might be new watercolors, sometimes it might be a fun new puzzle, and sometimes it might be a sponge with an index card that says "clean the kitchen floor". Once they do the thing in the box, you put a new thing in the box for next time. If you have 50% chores that they MUST do if they complain of boredom, they will generally stop saying "I'm bored" (or "there is nothing to do") and will find something to do all by themselves.