Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Special Bonus Blog Post!

I'm often (twice) asked how Disgruntled Husband and I met.

It was this day, May 31, eleven years ago that I met DH. It was our first day on the job as camp counselors, and he was four hours late arriving to camp.

Once he got there, he talked so fast about why he was late and his parents' being there and how his white shorts got dirty because he just leaned up against his dad's truck, I thought "Oh, how nice. They have mentally challenged people work at this camp. What an experience for the kids."

(He knows that was my first impression, and yet somehow, I think I'm going to dearly pay for putting it out there on the internet.)

He was in my training group, a group of four other people for two weeks to teach us the rules and regs of camp life. There was nothing special about him. (Well, other than the specialness listed above...)

Cut to our first week of campers and DH and I were put together for the bible study portion of camp that week. At the end of the week, I told him two things...1.) He told a good story and 2.) I'd win any wet T-shirt contest. He agreed with the 2nd part. (It was a joke...and him agreeing with it kinda creeped me out.)

After campers left, all the counselors headed to the Wheel House for dinner. I had my car up with me and DH offered to show me how to get there.

We ended up in front of the Veteran's Hospital a town over.

The next day, he kissed me.

And then I tried to avoid him for a few days.

Then he started a series of notes that started our relationship.

Three months later, we were engaged.

So "Happy I met My Spouse" Day to DH. Eleven years, and I still think you're "special." But for different reasons.