Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Holy Eye Rolls

Now that THAT'S over.

So sorry about the hiatus. It was birthday mania around here, coupled with Mothers Day and some unscheduled trips to the big city, and here we are.

How was every one's Mothers' Day? I got breakfast in bed, but I had to share it with the baby birds. 

It was after breakfast that things got interesting. It was also the day of JDub's daughter's First Communion. Now, we're not Catholic, though I had a lot of Catholic friends growing up. And I needed to buy a present for JDub's daughter, but was pretty lost as to what I should get her.

A text message to Even Snarkier Mom got the ball rolling. 

Me: What should I get a girl for First Communion?
ESM: When do you need it?
Me: two hours.
ESM: Nothing like waiting until the last minute.
Me: And it has to be from either Walmart or Kohl's.

ESM suggested a picture frame, which was great because Kohl's carries those. (I decided to class it up a bit and not get her present from Walmart. You're welcome, JDub.)

We get to the party, and my kids scatter for the three hours we were there. Seriously. I fed MiniMe some fruit and Hoover came up for cake...and that was it. Not that I'm complaining.

At the end of the party, Larry Potter emerges and sees the loot that JDub's daughter got for her special day. He's almost indignant, yet doesn't say anything.

Hey LP - I got picture frames and Rosary beads and a white dress. You  get ZILCH because you go to a Presbyterian church.

Once we are home, I decide that we're all going on a walk as a family. That's when we hear LP's opinion.

(Somewhere two streets away from our house, in a loudish voice)
"I'm Catholic," LP announces.
"You're what?" I say. 
"I'm Catholic, so I need a First Communion party, too."

Riiiight. I'll get right on that conversion for ya, buddy.

"No seriously. It's not fair that [JDub's daughter] gets presents. I want presents, too. I want to have a First Communion and be Catholic."

Note to self: be more involved in the Lutheran-Presbyterian world you're supposedly raising your children in.

Because, apparently, it's all about the loot and nothing about the religion.

I'm sure there are worse reasons people have joined The Church. But I'm still making LP wait until he's 18. 


  1. So I shouldn't tell him about the Feast Day of St.Nicholas, then, huh?

  2. You know, in Germany, Lutheran kids get *huge* gifts for confirmation. So maybe you can tell LP that if he holds out till he's in junior high, being a Proddie will pay off. (...and then hope he forgets by the time he's 13.)