Friday, May 6, 2011

What I do for love...

Happy Blog Reader Appreciation Day!

(I created it myself. I'm sure Hallmark will pick it up next year.)

What I'd like to is create a section on my blog at the top called "Friends with Attitude" where I can post your blogs. Does that sound good? Email me or comment below or on Facebook if you'd like to be included, your blog address, and your first name (or handle).

Think of it like a big Snarky convention where we all sit around eating chocolate, stealing the centerpieces, and get to know one another. You know, without the airfare. the spirit of the 1st Annual Blog Reader Appreciation Day, I have a little treat for you.

Remember when I said if you all were good, I'd put my horrifying video up?

I guess no one's been in the Principal's office this week. ::sigh::

I can't believe I'm showing this to anyone. I must love you all very, very much.

This is 6:38 of a very awkward phase in my life.  I'm the red-head on the red team. The one that has a nice shot of her hair in her mouth, the one that keeps dropping the dishes, and the one whose very awesome fluorescent-cuffed black knit pants are in a shot near the end. Oh 1989, were you good to anyone?

 I hope you enjoy it.


  1. I love this, and I loved this show!!!
    I wish you had played Bozo buckets. I always wanted to play that.

  2. You are a brave woman!! Very fun video to watch! I would love for you to include my blog in your list - Thanks!~

  3. Oh wow, Jess, this is the best Blog Reader Appreciation Gift ever!! I laughed so hard. Also:

    1. I'd love it you include me:

    2. those kinds of relay races terrified me as a child! I always sucked at them because the fear of making my team lose made me so nervous.

    3. I can't believe what shitty gifts Bozo gave out. I love that Cookie reads them off like, "wtf is this?"

    4. Bozo really sounds like he's close to a rage attack the entire time.

  4. My favorite part is the loud dragging of the tables before and after the setting the table relay.

    Second favorite, "Come on, Hurry, Hurry!" I think Bozo and Cookie were counting the seconds to Happy Hour.

    Third, the sweet box of potato chips.


  5. Ha Ha! Oh there has to be a support group for all of us who the 80s did wrong. Please add me to your list,

  6. So jealous! I wanted to be on Bozo!

  7. I enjoy reading your blog. It makes me smile. Feel free to add my blog:

    I am just starting out & would love to share my blog with others.

  8. My blog is
    The Impatient Cook
    I just started it, so there's not much there

  9. lol I'd love to be included (although I'm listed on here somewhere...but meh...I'm an attention hog;))


  10. Jealous! I also wanted to be on Bozo. I think My favorite part was the "Muzak" they played during the games. Rick Astley for the first game? If there is anyone who did the 80's right, it is Rick Astley.

  11. I just found you and have to say I love you already. You have been added to the ranks of Rants From Mommyland on the bookmarks! ~Kim