Thursday, April 21, 2011

Saving Face-book?

So, I'm on Facebook, both with The Snarky Mom and my real name. Just like 95% of the under 40 population. Facebook seems to be the next wave of technology. I'm sure I'll be telling stories to my kids about what I did before Facebook, like the kind my dad used to tell me about the computers he had in college (it took up a whole room).

About a year ago, Larry Potter took it upon himself to create a Facebook page. And then he told us about it.
After the freaking out and the flashes of "To Catch a Predator" running through my head, I went on his account, locked it up as tight as Fort Knox and blocked him from viewing my profile. He uses it mostly to play games. And now, Hoover is asking for a Facebook page. He's 5.

But that's all background information.

Sometimes, LP sits next to me while I'm on Facebook. I shield him appropriately. Sometimes, I'm on the computer after the kids go to bed, in the living room. Sometimes, LP wakes up early before school to get in some Farmville or Bejeweled Blitz action.

And this last point is where I can only assume he saw it. Perhaps I failed to logout of my Facebook account and since I play Bejeweled Blitz, too, he may have inadvertently been playing my game on my account. (Which explains why my daily spins are gone by the time I get up.)

I "like" a group called "(Certain Politician) is a Douchebag. Hey, I didn't name it. I'm not responsible for its content. I merely clicked the "like" button because it's a cause I support. They update often, and so it goes on my feed.

My mommy's Facebook page teaches me a whole bunch!

Monday, LP came home from school and said they were discussing politics in class. (Really? Third grade? I have a feeling it was just LP discussing politics and the rest of the class just tried to ignore him.) His long-term sub (teacher had a baby in March) must have asked LP what he knew about politics.

According to LP, he said, "Well, my mom belongs to a group on Facebook that says [Certain Politician] is a D-bag."

(Thank GOD he chose to say D-bag over the alternative.)

(It's the small victories these days, folks.)

After I chocked on my Diet Dr. Pepper, I asked what Mrs. Daniels said.

"She said, 'Don't say that!'"

This, normally, would be bad enough. Except that I've been in a photography class with Mrs. Daniels for the past two weeks. You know, social setting. And, I totally spaced on snack day AGAIN that same Monday. After forgetting it last month, too.

Mom of the Year, right here.

And while LP was telling us about school, it launched a 10 minute conversation between LP and the younger ones about what exactly a "D-bag" is.

Mark Zuckerberg, I blame you.


  1. But it's such a good cause! And no, I did not create that page!

  2. Haha! Oh no!

    I'm just so impressed that your 3rd grader can set up a facebook page while my mom can not.