Monday, April 25, 2011

And the nominees are...

My friend Kathy (yes, she's a friend even if we've never met...or spoken on the phone...) over at sent me a facebook message this morning telling me I've won a prize.

So immediately, I dash to my window to look for the new Lexus, you know the one with the big red bow on it? It wasn't there. (Note to Kathy: I also like diamonds, seafood, spa gift certificates, and any contributions to paying off my student loans.)

She bestowed unto me a Blog Award. According to Kathy, you get this award from other bloggers, tell 7 things about yourself that no one knows, and then nominate 15 other bloggers (not the Pioneer Woman and Rants. Side note: I hope to be a "biggie" someday.), then you have to notify the people you nominated and link up with the person that nominated YOU.

And then send a recipe to the first name on the list. Or a pair of panties. (Yes, I actually got a chain letter like this once.)

So, thanks Kathy for the award and kind words! Kathy has six children, including triplets, lives in Alabama (send me some shrimp, ya'll), homeschools her kids, and doesn't have a drinking problem yet, at least one she's let me in on. If I had a Catholic, southern counterpart with twice as many children, it would be Kathy. We will meet someday, but for now, have recently friended each other with our real names on Facebook. Next stop, texting-ville.

My seven things (and I'm trying really hard to come up with things other than my social security number.)

1.)  I was on the Bozo Show as a kid. My mom sent away for tickets when she was pregnant with me and we got to go a month before my 10th birthday. I was chosen to be in a game, and my team lost. The replay footage shows a sassy red-head at heart of their defeat, but I refuse to believe it. My step-dad recently converted my tape to DVD, so maybe if you beg long enough, I'll post it here someday.

2.) I am obsessed with Weird Al Yankovic. Not just a fan, but one step away from restraining order. When I go to his concerts, it's me and a bunch of 8 year-old boys with their moms. It's cool now because I can blend in with the moms, but Larry Potter doesn't like Weird Al. Why not just tell me you're agnostic, LP? In college, we had to write an obituary of someone still alive (for journalism practice) and I chose Weird Al. I thought about sending it to him, but that just is creepy and probably would put me on the restraining order list.

3.) I wrote the school motto for my high school. It's lame. I forgot what it was. I don't think they use it on anything. In 1995, I got $50 in school memorabilia as my prize. Someone once told me that it's in the wikipedia article about my high school, but I've yet to check.

4.) I was an RA in college for 3 1/2 years. Because of this, there is very little that shocks or scares me. Seriously, I owe it all to Res Life.

5.) My least favorite foods are bell peppers (any color, but especially green), cabbage, and pepper (the spice). In that order. I can't make any of Rachael Ray's recipes because they seem to always include these ingredients and makes things spicy. I hate spicy.

6.) I can sew, cross-stitch, knit (basic things only), cook from scratch, plant a garden, and start a fire. In 1875, I'd be quite the catch.

7.) I went to the same junior high school as the Doublemint Twins and Gary Cole, only many years later. Vicki from The Real Housewives, Orange County, went to my high school, but graduated about 20 years before I did. I was in the class ahead of Steve Martin's eldest kid in that movie "Parenthood." I think his name was Jasen and I never met him.

Onto the awards!
(PS - I don't have 15.)

1.) My very good friend Jen and her family. She's on kid number five now, and yet somehow makes it all happen. I have three kids and can't keep up with her. She's honest and funny, and human, and is currently mourning her soap going off the air.  The Bigler Beat

2.) Meghann is a runner and healthy eater in Florida. I am neither in Wisconsin and still love her blog. She recently quit her job to be the spokesblogger (is that right?) for Attune Foods. She has an adorable dog and easy-on-the-eyes boyfriend. Her meals have inspired some of mine, but as of yet I am still not waking up to run 12 miles. Meals and Miles

3.) Okay, she's not exactly small-time, but I'm surprised when I hear someone hasn't heard of her. Jen Lancaster is by FAR my favorite author of all times. (And I was an English major.) I'm convinced that if I didn't have kids, I'd be her. Which she may not like to hear I compare myself to her. Go buy her books and read her blog. Jennsylvania

4.) Christina is a registered dietitian and some other awesome accolades I can't think of right now. She's a smart cookie (made only with all natural fruit juice and only eaten in moderation), with two small children. She's also the little sister of my high school friend Mark, who fixes my computer over the internet, but tells me it's like having to bury a hooker every time I ask him for help. (Sorry, this has nothing to do with Christina's blog. I just think it's funny.) Christina has good ideas on how to get kids to eat the healthy stuff, along with the kid staples in life.  Nourish my Kids

5.) Lisa and I went to school together since 5th grade. While I grew up to be the Snarky Mom, she's like a rocket scientist. An actual rocket scientist. She has more degrees than Disney World in July, has lived in many different countries, is wicked smart and makes me laugh all the time. Just the name of her blog makes me giggle: Suck it up, Princess

I don't have 15, but I'd like to get there. Please reply with YOUR blog address! I need more reasons to not cook dinner. :)


  1. Aw, thanks for the award! But what really made my day just now was finding out that our HS has a wikipedia page. The motto isn't mentioned, but your (maiden) name is! How exciting! On the other hand, it also says that our HS was named after a district superintendent, who, "had been a member of the high school board of education for over 9000 years."

    Also, today I learned that some swimming teacher at our HS makes upwards of $150K a year. I have some guesses as to who it might be, and Seriously? I'll never make that much, and I have more degrees than Disney World in July. :)

    Also, I'm not really an actual rocket scientist. :)

  2. I enjoy your blog and I am a fairly new blogger myself. I would love for you to check out my site - - and tell me what you think! :)

  3. As usual, I'm a day late and dollar short and am just now getting over here to say "WOOT" and thanks for the sweet words...I love ya more than my luggage, as for texting, I'm all over that as I just entered the century LAST WEEK and got me an iphone with a text package and my 13 yo girl makes fun of me because I don't know any text lingo yet. All that being said, send me your data and I'll send you mine and we'll go steady, but not in a creepy kind of way!