Friday, March 25, 2011

A PSA for the Y-chromisomed

You're wife/girlfriend/baby-mama/roommate/partner cleaned the living room -and most of the house- before she left town for 4 days. You also leave town, but for 3. Everyone gets home, is sick, and the adult double X chromisomed in the house takes care of everyone, nurses them back to health, and then gets sick herself. On the way upstairs to rest, she asks you if you can either clean the kitchen or the living room, in case her mother may come the next day. You say "Sure, I'll do the living room. Before I come to bed it will be clean." But the woman/partner in your life also hears mention of a Badger game. You crawl into bed at 1:30 a.m.

The next morning, if this is what everyone awakens to, you obviously should not have a.) Said you'd clean something B.) Put an exact time frame on it and C.) Gone to bed.

(*Note: These pictures are actual picture from my living room, 30 minutes ago. And this is pretty much what it looked like when a certain Husband said he'd clean the living room last night. So much for my worth in the family. **Double Note: If you want me to get better and clean up the rest of the house, a good place to start would be cleaning this room so I can actually GET BETTER and not worry about it. Douche.)

This is not clean, and you know it. Even Clark (the kitty, above) knows it. He told me if he had opposable thumbs, he would have pitched in.

Your wife/girlfriend/baby-mama/roommate/partner will not be happy and may take her displeasure out in withholding things in the bedroom.

The more you know.


  1. It's always easier/more fun to clean someone else's home, so let's make a deal. I'll clean your house if you come down and help me with mine. Sound good? Cause I'm serious.

  2. Tooch - Sounds good to me, but I'm not touching your spare bedroom/craft room. We have to call Hoarders for that one. ;)