Friday, March 18, 2011

Childless friends

I haven't forgotten about the blog at all, I've just been running around the streets of Milwaukee and Boston.

I'm hoping today's itinerary includes a pedicure, and maybe inheriting some money from a long-lost New
England socialite. Pretty sure only one of those things is going to happen, but a girl can dream.

My night in Milwaukee was first spent with an old friend and her 11 month-old son, hitting the mall. Then, my friend M picked me up and we had dinner and pajama pants and American Idol time at her house.

I should have taken a picture of her fridge. She is newly married with no kids and a taste for healthy eating. Her fridge mostly consisted of cut fruit and alcohol. I'm told the fruit was to eat, not as garnish for the alcohol.

And here I am at the 2nd childless friend's house. In her fridge was the smallest jug of milk I've ever seen, wine, and so outdated yogurt.

Moms of America, I beg of you, do a fridge-intervention for your childless friends! They aren't getting the nutrition they need. An invitation to a childless home is BYOG...Bring Your Own Groceries.

I checked in with Disgruntled Husband and the kids, and they all seem to be doing fine in my absence. DH's secretary informed me that Mini Me refused to let DH brush her hair. And Hoover had a meltdown while playing bingo at a friend's house, with Larry Potter egging him on and watching to see if he'd be punished.

But I don't have to deal with that until Monday.

Thank God.


  1. Ok, so in addition to the fruit and beer in my fridge was also a variety of other healthyish foods. Eggs, veggies, wheat bread, yogurt (only slightly expired), yadayadayada.

    And while the homemade dinner was definitely yummy, my stomach is still working it's way through the richness of all the well-balanced nutrition, cough cough. tehehe.

    Hope you're having fun in Boston!


  2. PS - I finished the Oreos tonight. Told ya there's a reason those aren't allowed in my home. ;-)


  3. My husband and I are newlyweds and we have an overabundance of condiments in our fridge with a severely lacking quantity of actually edible items. We are debating whether or not you can in fact make a meal simply with condiments and alcohol. Should be super fun! :P