Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Staying In Date suggestion

Thanks to On Demand, Disgruntled Husband and I got to watch a movie together last weekend. (We haven't been to a movie together since January 2005 and I was pregnant with Hoover. And it was Meet the Fockers.)

We decided on Grown Ups because we like comedies and Adam Sandler movies remind us of college days. Well, at least for me it does. I had read the reviews of this movie, and while not exactly glowing, they weren't horrible either. Okay, I can handle that.

It was such a cute movie. (Okay, I realize my Snarky title is up for grabs with a statement like that, but you can't be snarky all the time. It wouldn't provide a litmus test for all things that need to be snarked about.)

I loved this movie, and not just for all the laughs. If you haven't heard of it, here's The Snarky Mom's movie summarization:

Yeah right. I'm not going re-invent the wheel. Here's the summary on IMDB. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Welcome back. What I like about this movie is Adam Sandler's character's observation about his kids. They were so plugged in and spoiled, they didn't know how to go outside and play.

I worry about this on a daily basis, so yeah, I was hooked.

Plus, there are some great married dynamics shown in this movie. Chris Rock's character is a stay-at-home dad and is married to Maya Rudolf. Without mincing words here's the lowdown on their relationship: she busts his balls. Daily. Hourly. And at one point in the movie, she accuses her husband of flirting with a younger woman. He basically says no I wasn't, but it's good to talk to a woman that doesn't constantly criticize.


To DH's credit, he didn't point out the similarities. But I knew they were there. Note to self: be nicer to DH.

Something else in the way of marital dynamics - the relationship between Adam Sandler's character and his wife, played by Salma Hayek. They were both on the same team. Team Family.

And yes, I know it was pretend. And scripted. And there's no way that experience would happen in real life without some prescriptions and family therapists on hand. But still, it was nice to see.

(Not that you should think this movie is for the kiddies. Nope. Not at all. Nice dynamics and all, it's still an Adam Sandler and Chris Rock movie. Lots of body part and bodily function jokes. Though the ones about the bunion were particularly funny.)

It was also good to see Adam Sandler play, well, a grown up for once. (Okay, twice. Spanglish was awesome and one of my favorite movies. Pretty much the same character though.)

God, this sounds like an 8th grade movie review.

But you know, I can't always get out to the movies, so much of what I watch is from On Demand or Netflix. And very rarely do DH and I sit down to watch a movie together.

Willingly, anyway.


  1. We really liked that movie too!

  2. I enjoyed it too. I think most of the people I know who didn't like it aren't parents yet. I wouldn't be surprised if that made a big difference.