Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Snarky Mom: Now in 6 continents

Thanks to my visitor tracking device (the CIA has nothing on me), I have discovered something truly awesome.

I had my first African visitor today.

And now, thanks to that fun and obviously bright person in Ghana, I have achieved a small be read in 6 continents.

(My faithful reader in Brazil, I also thank you for taking on the South American task for me. You've been here a few times...and yes, I'm delusional enough to think it's the same person coming here over and over again.)

Just another step in my goal of world Snarky domination.

I feel like I need a tour of the UN or to get an invite to a State Dinner now or something. At least a proclamation from the President.

(Okay, truth be told, this person came from Googling the term "notes on morning sickness." So I don't think my blog helped her much. But maybe she was able to laugh while gagging?)

Are you all a little freaked out I can tell where you're from? It's not an exact science. I don't have addresses or anything. But that would be fun if I did!

Oh, and if anyone knows anyone going or in Antarctica right now, send them my link. I'd love to be read on all 7 continents.


  1. I sometimes know people going to Antarctica (geo- & atmospheric physicists) ...if anyone comes up, I'll send them your link!

  2. Truth is though that your live traffic thingy on the right DOES know exactly where I am, and I am equally intrigued as freaked out.