Saturday, January 8, 2011

SIM-ply the best

My friend JDub called me last night and only my husband heard the phone. He brought it to me, saying he couldn't get to it in time. I called her back and her first words to me were, "Were you playing The Sims?"

It should probably embarrass me more than it does, but yes. I was.

For those that don't know what The Sims are (and need a new addiction) it's this game that has no point but to essentially play God with fake people's lives. I received The Sims 3 two days ago, and let's just say that my fake people have more of a life than I do.

(But I think even before this game was purchased, that statement was true.)

I designed a few people, a few different games'-worth, and at one point had Sarah Palin living with Anderson Cooper and Weird Al. It was a fun house. I send people to work, out to flirt, to logic and cooking classes, and out tanning. All while not moving many muscles in my freezing basement. And before I know it, four hours have passed. But that's 8 days is Sim world.

At least the virtual kids are being taken care of.

Every few years when a new game comes out, I take 3-4 days, play it non-stop, and then go back to the real world. So when this edition appeared in our home, Disgruntled Husband took one look at it and said "Have fun." Is he looking out for my happiness or patronizing me? Either way, I'll take it.

One thing about The Sims is that they're not exactly family-friendly. Larry Potter was downstairs with me last night as I was playing, and everytime my character started to "hook-up" with another Sim (oh that's a whole 'nother the Sims get more action than my entire floor Freshman year in college), I had to put an end to it. Oh, and in Sim World, it's called "WooHoo." Awesome. And on that same vein, you can make an entirely evil Sim. Or do bad things to them, like have them experience bladder failure in public or think they live in a nudest colony. (Don't worry, more modest of my readers, there are blur squares in place to make sure you don't see anything.)

My production and calorie counts for the last two days are way, way down. Which definitely sucks for losing weight. But on the upside, I've lost weight each day, so at least I'm too distracted to eat while I'm controlling other people's lives.

Which gives me another idea...I'm totally off to make a Snarky Mom sim. Who says I'm not productive?

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  1. OMG! My senior year at Augie, I played the Sims NON-STOP for about a week. I spent HOURS at a time in front of my computer, playing and creating fun little virtual lives. My favorite thing to do was build a house and decorate it though. Haven't played in FOREVER. . . . ~Michele