Sunday, January 23, 2011

Is there a game on right now?

Sorry, folks. I'm not a football fan. But I am from Chicago, living in Wisconsin, married to the world's biggest armchair quarter-back. And he's got two volumes: loud and louder.

This may be my last moments without hearing loss.

I can't tell which team I want to win...if the Bears win, my husband will probably end up in the emergency room from the injury of his first ever back flip. Plus, he's a sore winner. Someone WILL probably beat the snot of out him. But on the other hand, if the Packers win, he will mope around here, being too scared to leave the house or answer the phone. And he's a worse loser than he is a winner.

So my ultimate fantasy for today's game? I believe it involves a sinkhole in the middle of Soldier Field. No one wins, no one loses, and my life can go on tomorrow without having to explain my husband's behavior.

PS...It's not even kick-off yet, and Disgruntled Husband has already yelled "You suck!" four times. And that was just to the commentators.


  1. funny stuff .. i hate football ;)

  2. LOL! I love football since my hubby explained it to me 6 years ago. But I'm a Steelers fan, as I'm guessing your DH is for the superbowl now!

  3. commentators do suck. Half of my entertainment in watching football is making fun of Joe Buck. So points to Disgruntled Husband on that one. Too bad the Bears ended up losing, though.