Thursday, January 6, 2011

Call me SpongeRobert

Dear Makers of Chia Spongebob:

I am a little disturbed with your product. My son received Chia Spongebob for Christmas this year, as a gift from my other son. He did specifically ask for it, which is why I didn't point out that Chia Spongebob didn't make any sense, nor does the Scooby Doo Chia, because neither actually have hair. But I kept my thoughts to myself and my child was happy with his present.

We followed the directions very closely on the package. We made the sticky chia seed paste and soaked our terra cotta Spongebob for the appropriate length of time. Followed all the directions as written. One week later, I have this in my home:

Now, do you see what I see? If not, let me go in for a closer shot.
There. While no actual chia seeds have sprouted on Spongebob's head, he seems to have, um, hit puberty below the belt.

Is this your intention? To have 8 year old boys wonder why their Chia Spongebob suddenly prefers girls to dodgeball and talks differently? My son has not had the sex talk yet, but once he does, I'm sure the preceding image will have a place in his mind forever.

Please alter your product so the "hair" actually grows on the top of whatever-it-is-you're-marketing's head.

The Snarky Mom

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  1. LOL! You need to send that in to fail blog or something!