Tuesday, January 18, 2011

And on a lighter note

I mentioned earlier in the month that I was trying to lose weight. Well, I was doing well until ESM's baby shower. Oh the cake. R., if you read this, you are a bad, bad girl.

Anywho, the night after Christmas I made an impulse purchase from ediets.com. It was a 7 day meal plan. All meals, and one snack a day. It came the week my kids went back to school. In a giant non-eco-friendly cooler.

Who says our generation is wasteful?
And for the most part, the food was good. Oh, there were questionable items, and because of another e-site I'm on, I had to supplement my meals with other things to get up to the calorie count I needed.

None were as disgusting though as this one.

Seriously, this is how it looked when I peeled back the wrapper. I didn't touch it. The official description is : Apple cinnamon oatmeal with sausage and applesauce.

To me, it looked like something I cleaned off the carpet earlier when one of my cats had a hairball.

Or was feeling sick and couldn't quite make it to the litter box.

(I thought about taking a picture of both, as a compare/contrast to this horrid meal. But I want to keep this blog classy.)

I threw it in the trash and left for the baby shower.

Now, that should be the end of the story. However, Clark, the dumb kitten, likes to get into the trash. He ate this meal...the whole thing, minus a few licks of applesauce.

And got horribly, horribly sick. And if you think this is gross as a beginning shot, you do not want to see what it looked like 24 hours later.

I think it's poetic...it starts as cat yak/sick cat poop, and ends the same way.

And oh yeah, stay away from the ediets meal plan...or at least this option for breakfast.


  1. bwuahahahahahaaaaa!
    that cake was excellent

  2. OMG that is gross! The the ole "eat right and exercise" sounds a lot better than this.

  3. Hahahaha! I still would have eaten it. Maybe not the creepy creepy sausage.... but wowzah.
    The circle of suck. Love you, Beans

  4. Oh my gosh, that is disgusting! I had to scroll past it quickly because it made my stomach hurt!