Friday, July 30, 2010

Do I want to win this title? Probably not, but I just like to win.

Hey folks - I'm infamous!

One of my favorite blogs was asking for Worst Mom of the Year nominees, and there I am. Of course, it's all for fun, but they have a voting system in place.

Vote for me here!

These ladies are whom I wish to associate and I completely love their website.

Back to your regularly scheduled snarkiness.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Home Depot-ing

About midnight last night, my trek up the stairs only got me halfway. I looked at my little picture ledge and thought, "Hmmm...I bet I could rip this up tonight."

(The carpet, not the actual ledge.)

Armed with a crowbar, a ridiculously long screwdriver, and a pair of Pampered Chef scissors, I went to town. And an hour later, I was done and totally excited.

However, my husband was not that thrilled. He didn't say much, but the glare with a mouth full of Crest said it all. I knew what he was thinking.

I'm on course to become my mother.

She's been known to tear down one wall and put up another in one day. All while I was at school. There were times I'd come home and there would be entire rooms in different colors than they were 8 hours earlier. She and my aunt put on a roof to our old house, and she once installed a fireplace and chimney in an afternoon.

So, in other words, my mom is pretty much Bob Vila with a bra. But I'm okay with that. Especially now.

So, this morning, I headed upstairs with a cup of coffee with thoughts of taking a shower and getting dressed, when I got distracted again. You see, the real thought I've been having for a few years now was tearing out the carpet in the hallway upstairs. I started last year, but stopped before I could get any real work done. I put the carpet back where I had pulled it, and left it for another day.

Today was that day.

Before I started, I called my mom to ask her what the best way was to break it to my husband that I had done home improvement tasks while he was gone. She just laughed. And had some good ideas. I hung up with her and started sweating.

It is HARD work pulling up carpet and padding - even if the space is only 3x8 feet. It's still a heck of a lot of staples.

The floors are in okay condition. Some parts are better than others, but I love that. It's got real you can see where the old spindles for a banister were. Husband will hate it. I love it.

We hit Home Depot about noon where I picked up wood floor cleaner and some room transitioners (that's their real name - I called them "the things that you put between rooms with different kinds of flooring"). I was done by 1:30.

And when he gets home, he will see the pile of old carpeting on the porch and the band aid on my finger (I was on the wrong end of a crow bar), and start swearing and complaining. It happens. I know it. I do it anyway.

Mom should be proud. And as I told her this morning, it's not like I was doing the living room - but that's only because I can't move the piano by myself.

Anyone want to come by and help me move a piano?

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

35 days to go

Summer is half over in Wisconsin. The halfway point was July 19th, and yes, I know what day exactly it was.

In the Leichs home, we are at a precipice of sorts. Larry Potter is going into 3rd grade, Hoover is headed to kindergarten, and Mini-me will be attending pre-school two mornings a week for four hours a day. A light is at the end of the tunnel, but first I have to dodge the trains of the summer.

And there are trains to dodge. It's probably not a good thing that my standard answer to "What have you been doing this summer?" is "Trying to not become an alcoholic."

Like all moms, I had high hopes for this summer. I took our Parks and Rec booklet out with my Google calendar and cross-referenced the two. I wrote down library programs, dates for swimming lessons, free things at the park, all the great things my kids and I could take advantage of this summer. You know, the sort of summer that all the other moms seem to have, the one that your kids come inside at 7:30 at night, dirty and exhausted.

We had that kind of summer for about a week. Instead of coming in each night ready for a bath and bed, it was me that felt the effects of the day. Actually, if things would have played out the way they should have, I wouldn't have been so tired. I forgot to factor in the whining and sibling rivalry.

Instead of rising each day to make a hot breakfast from scratch - which was all part of my summer 2010 fantasy - my kids are now getting me out of bed, begging for ANYTHING to eat for breakfast. The daily walks I had thought we'd do each day at 10 a.m. lasted one day because of the whining and stopping through the whole 1 mile loop. I'm sick of going to pool because of the complaining that I won't let Hoover in the big pool before he has swimming lessons, which I also failed to complete.

So the new thought is the mock-crunchy summer we'll have. Blame it on the MadMen marathons I've been watching, but my new idea for summer is a return to the good-ol-days. Make the kids stay outside and play. Lots of popsicles. Weekly trip to the library. Backyard plastic pool.

And they are bored to death.

But, the more bored they are, the more creative their play is. In between fighting and time-outs, that is.

September 1, hurry up. I'm about out of wine.