Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Snow or get off the pot

Like I've said several times, I live in the land of beer and cheese. It's not exactly a tropical location, and we all know this, are okay with this, and somehow, even sort of like it. We have about 16 inches of snow on the ground right now.

The night before last, it snowed. Woo. Big F-ing deal. We got maybe 4 inches. Not a big amount for around here, but not something to sneeze at either.

Snow. Wisconsin. Who woulda thought?

Now even though we're in Wisconsin doesn't mean we're exempt from snow days. Sure, it's not like the south that gets an inch and calls off school for a week. (Nothing against my family/friends/perfect strangers in the south...I know how it is.)

So, I went to bed Monday night thinking there might be a chance at a snow day.

Tuesday, I woke up to snow and a 2-hour delay.

To the decision-makers in my school district: Grow a pair.

A 2-hour delay? What the hell is THAT? I'll tell you what it is...a giant pain in the rear. A two-hour delay is inconvenient to working moms and stay-at-home moms alike.

"Oh, we're not going to call off school entirely. Just the first 2 hours. We don't care what your kids do in that time, but they're doing it with you. At home."

My friends that work have an even harder time. Back when I was in the workforce, I had a much easier time finding day care for 8 hours rather than 2. And let's not forget the back-and-forth rigamaroo. Driving someone to school on your way to work-- pretty easy. Driving someone to school after you've been at work and have to leave to do so--it's like negotiating a treaty.

I always feel like I'm rushing around on the delayed days. Like no amount of rushing can get me to catch up. And what are my kids doing for those 2 hours? Let's put it like this, I'd pay if they'd sleep in, but mostly it involves Spongebob and attempted fratricide. It would be different if I had a whole day to plan. But two hours? Mothers across the arctic circle are throwing in the towel.

Two hours of fighting and noneducational TV? Sign me up!

You know, have a snow day. Or not. But would you please choose?

What really smacks my erasers is that they do this because there's some rule saying they get all their daily school money if they have more than 3/4 of a day of school. (Note: also the reason my kids are getting off an hour early today. Early release? Two-hour delay? Bite me.)

Now, all of this made for a pretty snarky entry on its own. But then I turned on the news.

The next town over, where many of my friends live, had a school bus flip over on its way to school. WAY scary. Here's the story:

So. In order to make-a-buck, or save-a-buck, 15 kids were involved in a pretty horrific - yet miraculous - bus accident. The two-hour delay was to ensure the roads were clear and safe for buses to go to-and-from school. Crystal, how's that working for ya? Was your 3/4 of a day's worth of school money worth it yesterday? If you had to do your day over, would you have called a full-on snow day?

My friend JW was following the story pretty closely, as she lives in this town and just put her kids on the bus. From what I heard tonight, the first responder on the scene is the father of 4 of the kids on that bus. Thankfully, everyone is okay. But can you imagine?

Ironically, before we spoke about this story, she and I were bitching to each other about the whole "shit-or-get-off-the-pot" mentality about snow days.

I hope the higher-ups take a little more time the next time they want to delay school rather than call it off. For my snarky reasons or the ones that could cost them their students.

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  1. There's money at stake over snow days in your state? That's f*cked up. The only thing I've ever heard around New England is that 3/4 a day doesn't need to be made up at the end of the year. But maybe I just missed the $ part.