Monday, December 27, 2010

Reluctant Parental Supervision

Merry Christmas from 2 days ago! And now, Merry Have-Fun-With-Your-Wild-Home-From-School-for-a-week-Kids.

Just an observation or two today. Larry Potter and Hoover are 8 and 5 respectively. Aside from maybe 2 of each of their presents, all of them have to have parental supervision in some way. Isn't the point of toys to occupy the kids without my help? But, I am sucking it up because it is Christmas vacation and I'd rather assign a schedule to the adult-supervision-required "toys" than walk downstairs and see the glitter/slime/gummy apocalypse. A small sampling of what they received: The Dairy Queen Blizzard Maker, A Smithsonian Gummy bug kit, 550 piece puzzle, Mine your own gemstone kit, a book and supplies for inventing things, and Orbeez. Merry Christmas to me, apparently.

It's like playing with gigantic caviar, but less fun.
And a note about those Orbeez. They should be called "Grow Your Own Choking Hazards" because that's exactly the point of the product. You dump in little bits of their special sandy-pebbles in their special used-to-house-a-seahorse-farm aquarium, wait 3 hours for them to grow, and then dump them out. That's it. Fun over. They're like squishy marbles, only they bounce and apparently will poison my kitten if we can't keep track of them. (Editor's Note: On the box, it says if 5 or more are ingested to induce vomiting. Five. Really? I'd love to watch the test trial where they determined 5 was the magic number.) LP did this earlier and now where are the Orbeez? Sitting in a glass on his desk. Oooh! HOURS of fun.

Must go now. I have to soak a Chia Spongebob. The fun just doesn't stop around here!


  1. Melea asked for that blizzard maker. I conveniently forgot to tell Santa or Grandma.

  2. Looks like our New Year's Eve, but Mom asleep before midnight and my twins, 10, outside screaming Happy New Year. I love your blog.