Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Variable

Dear Hoover,

I love you, son.

But I do wonder why in every picture with your brother and sister, you must be the one that we have to work around.

The variable, if you will.

Why must you get in touch with your inner Jim Carrey when I'm trying to take a respectable Christmas card picture?

(And yes, these are the actual pictures.)

But I suppose it isn't always just you.

I suppose you are all little variables in your own respect.

But Hoover, you definitely make me sweat it out.

I suppose that's what makes you YOU.

So thanks, I suppose, for cooperating for at least one picture. Out of 24.


Your Snarky Mommy


  1. Wow they are growing up! And still adorable.

  2. Is Mini Me wearing CROCS with her dress? Classy.