Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Snarky Contest

There's nothing I like more than a snarky true story.

I have my own snarky stories, but for the sake of my marriage and relationship with certain individuals, I can't write them in this forum. Bummer, because they're really good.

But that doesn't stop YOU from telling yours!

Did you hear about what my mother-in-law said?

So, today I have figuratively given birth to the Snarky Mom Snarkiest Mom contest. And no, you don't have to be a mom to participate. But you do have to be snarky. Or tell a story about someone who was exceedingly snarky.

Here are the rules:
1.) The story has to be true. (Don't ask me how I'll know if it's not. I have my ways. Muhahahaha)
2.) It needs to be posted as a comment here, on the Facebook page, or emailed to by Friday night at 9 p.m. Central Time.

Some suggestions...I like a good mother-in-law story. Or a good husband story. Or even a miscellaneous relative story. Tell me the good stuff. You know, like the time your husband went to ballgame while you were at home having a miscarriage, or the fight you had with your mother-in-law about asking her not to call before 8 a.m.

I will change the names to protect the guilty.

I will post all the entries over the weekend and declare a winner on Monday morning. The winner will receive a copy of one of my favorite books...Such a Pretty Fat by Jen Lancaster. (Seriously, I love Jen Lancaster. Thanks to Jenny and Betsy for making me suggesting I read her stuff.

Make me proud! Let me live vicariously through you all!


  1. True story! (And I can't believe there are no good stories here...Oh wait I do get it better email!)

  2. okay i am a little late, but i have a snarky story. my mother in law is TACKY. she is re-married to a man named Dan. they are both rude, self-serving and over confident. one evening she calls my husband's phone and asks to talk to me...which immediately registers with my husband and myself as BIZARRE. she starts in with her sticky sweet voice "hiiiiii...well i just wanted to ask you a favor. you see, Dan is really controlling and scary and he gets in my computer all the time. and, well, there's this guy--he's just a friend--that i used to work with. he sent me an email just to catch up. anyway, i want to write him back but if Dan finds my email, he will be so mad. and for no reason! because i'm doing nothing wrong! he's just a friend. so i was wondering if i gave you his email address, if you would write him an email for me." i was in SHOCK and said a long drawn out "suuuuuure" that i thought would get the point across that i really meant "hell-f*ck-no do i want the demented dan on my tail for helping you cheat with your quote-unquote FRIEND"...but she evidently did not get the message and said ohthankyousomuchhereishisaddress!!! and she quickly followed it with "don't tell ____" (my husband). i was completely appalled. i mean...really?
    snarky doesn't believe to cover it! i was LIVID.
    so-i saw her tacky AND raised it!
    not only did i lie and tell her that he emailed me back and said he did not want to meet her because he was very happy with his wife, but i also told my husband's step-mother and grandmother (her ex-husband's new wife and her ex-mother in law) the whole story! ha!