Monday, November 1, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like...November!

We survived Halloween last night. Two vampires and a butterfly descended upon our Beer and Cheese neighborhood, and one large Spongebob, complete with orange nylons. And for the record, that was Disgruntled Husband. If someone would have asked me what I was going as, my answer would have been "Embarrassed." But no one asked.

So the candy has been pooled and hidden. The pumpkins carved and set outside to rot. The costumes opened and stained. So you know what that means.

Bring on Christmas!

I know, I know. It's not the most popular of positions to have. DH holds firm to his "No-Christmas-Until-After-Thanksgiving" rule, going so far as to yell it at the top of his lungs in crowded discount retailers. (See my costume above.)

I love Christmas. Now, I agree that before Halloween is ridiculous, but after? It's fair game. I mean, I know Thanksgiving is the next holiday, but to me, it's just a less commercial version of eat, you see family, you go home. And with my family, we generally start our shopping as a gaggle of women the day after Thanksgiving. Because we're crazy.

On the flip side of things though, I HATE having Christmas decorations up after Christmas. It's like keeping a dead flower around. It was nice while it lasted, but then it just becomes sad. DH likes the tree up until at least after New Years. Which generally means that if I want it down by the 28th, I have to do it myself. And there's nothing more depressing than taking down your Christmas tree, unless you're taking it down by yourself.

It's this time of year that I can watch Christmas movies and listen to Christmas music before I get sick of it. I've scoured the WOLX web site to see when they're starting their Christmas music 24/7, but no mention of it. As far as the movies go, I have both Christmas Vacation and the Family Stone (which is one of my favorite Christmas movies ever...and just for the set decorating!) on DVD, so I can watch whenever I want. But it's just so much more satisfying when I catch either on TV.

One way I start to get in the Christmas spirit is to find a Christmas-y candle and light it. Check. Another way...a little more the Santa Sez website. How I love this site, let me count the ways. Type in whatever you want Santa to do...and most of the time, he'll do it! My boys love to watch this, but I admit, I love to watch it even without the kids nearby.

Every year, I order a wreath from QVC...they're fresh from Maine and beautiful. So I did this the other night, and may have gone overboard...let's just say our home will be festive. And something else I can order a live Christmas tree and have it delivered! Holy crap! This is AWESOME...yet, we won't be doing it. I think part of the fun of this one would be watching my UPS driver try to deliver it. Watching that would definitely be worth the $24 shipping. I've had less fun for more money.

Bring on the evergreens. Bring on the cinnamon. Bring on the Snarky Christmas posts. And next month, around say the 12th of December, someone please remind me that I actually like this time of year.


  1. I also love Christmas! And even tho I love Thanksgiving too and have held onto it like grim death living in Canada, the Netherlands, and Germany ...the end of Halloween pretty much means the start of Christmastime here in Germany. Bring on the mulled wine!

  2. I hate to say it, but after years of being on your side of this debate, I agree with your husband--save it for after Thanksgiving. Maybe that's because I prefer Thanksgiving to Christmas?

    Anyway, The Family Stone makes me cry my eyes out. I don't know how you can watch it repeatedly!

  3. Thank you Richard, for being the voice of reason for my nutty wife.

  4. Thanks for the santa sez website, my 3 year old couldn't get enough of it. I've never seen that before.

  5. While I'm usually in agreement with the "No Christmas until after Thanksgiving" rule, I couldn't help but be slightly excited last night while grocery shopping.

    The bakery aisle is stocked up with sugar, flour, etc. for all the yummy baking during the season. (I even noticed that they added an extra shelf to the top of the unit--I felt incredibly short and then realized there was another shelf compared to the rest of the aisles).

    The snowflake shaped crackers are on display, along with endcaps of spices and other goodies. A whole section in the refrigerated aisles devoted to all kinds of eggnog and PEPPERMINT MOCHA coffee creamer!

    Yep, I'm ready for it too this year. Can't wait to see Leah's excitement too! ~Michele