Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Everybody Loves Donuts

Lemon-filled. Chocolate Glazed. Chocolate Frosted. French Cruller. Long John. Apple Cinnamon.

I don't discriminate. They're all good.

Up here in the Land of Beer and Cheese, a Dunkin' Donuts recently opened. And you'd think it was the Second Coming. People up here are jazzed, if not slightly confused, but the tourists are doing a Jersey Shore fist pump and loading up their Land Cruisers with the best powdered sugar pastry goodness this side of the state line.

Someone, a reputable source close to the owners of this particular franchise, told me that DD had to be convinced to allow this location to happen, since they don't go into any place with less than 8,000 people. And now, I hear we (because I'm totally jumping on this bandwagon) are like one of the top franchises and DD big wigs (Donut Masters? CE-Doughs?) came to visit and scratch their heads. They're located in Boston and apparently haven't heard of the Waterpark Capital of the World. (Registered Trademark of Romy Snyder. And her adult braces.)

But, for the obesity problem in America, DD can only spell trouble. Because, as the title of this blog points out, Everybody Loves Donuts. I think Donut Love may even surpass Bacon Love, but the statistics aren't back yet to support this theory. Think about it. In my lifetime, the only people I've ever known to turn down a donut were people with gluten problems and people on a diet...and those people suffered from Donut Envy.

Which leads me to my donut problem. Many-a-diet have ended because of donuts. But today, I was able to get my free coffee (Thanks DD promotion!) and a donut for Mini-Me. I was tempted. Very tempted. There may still be drool on their counters. But I didn't get one. Score one for me.

But they all looked so good. And lonely. But that's okay...they'll all get good homes because

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  1. I'm glad you were able to pass up a donut! People bring them in at work all the time and I walk right by--I've been spoiled by all the specialty bakery donuts. But if you put a maple cake donut from Kirschbaum's in front of me? I will cut you before I will let you take that donut from me.