Monday, August 30, 2010

The Final Countdown!

Is it wrong to devote so many blog posts within a month's time to school starting?

In 24 hours, it will be 11 hours until school starts for my boys.

In 48 hours, it will be 10 hours, 30 minutes until I'm alone in the house for the first time in 8 years.

Not that I'm counting or anything.

In thinking about how Mini-Me will be heading to pre-school 2 mornings a week, I've started compiling a list in my head of all the things I'm looking forward to. Can anyone else relate to this? What's on your list?

My list is pretty selfish basic:

-watch programs that aren't cartoons or involve a lesson of any kind. I may even get to watch Regis and Kelly or The View. I haven't watched a full episode of the view since Star Jones was shopping at Lane Bryant.

-Grocery shop by myself. Now, in all fairness, I do this a lot, but now I'll be able to do it without Disgruntled Husband calling me every 15 minutes and having the house be worse than when I left it.

-Drink a cup of coffee. In one sitting. In silence.

-Devote those 3 hours to anything I want. In a row. I do have plans for using this time to working out.

But, in the mindset of list-making, there are also the shameful things I have resolved to do this school year. Shameful because, in all honesty, I should have been doing these things anyway. It's like resolving to convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.

-Get up before my children. Originally, this was going to be "Get up at 6 a.m., go on a walk, come home shower and have breakfast ready before my kids wake up." And then I sobered up. That, my friends, is what's called a pipe dream.

-Shower every day. You think I was the mom of a newborn. Maybe it's one of those things that was once acceptable to get away with, but no longer is, and no one bothered to tell me. Like tight-rolling my jeans or having a Caboodles. Note to self: you are no longer sleep-deprived and breast feeding. Pass the Pantene.

-Be aware of snack day before snack day. Yes, I'm that mom. The mom that gets the calls from school from her kid to remind her of snacks that have to be in by 1 p.m. By the same account, I also resolve to have all permission slips, signed homework, and "family" projects to school when they are supposed to be.

-Not be a bitch. Or, the flipside of this one, to be nice to everyone no matter what. But that just doesn't sound like me to say. The school has a way of getting under my skin in big ways. Important ways as well as just plain snarky-bitchy ways. I have been known to write a few emails, call a few meetings, or (I'm afraid to say it) write a few letters to the editor. I want to do that less, because I'm only on my 2nd kid entering kindergarten and it's going to be a long educational journey if I keep this up all the way through Mini-Me's graduation. (Not to say that there are problems with our school. Just ask my friend A. Her daughter, K,  is hard-of-hearing and is to have special accommodations for her school day. Except the person that notified the teacher of K's stuff was A's husband. Yeah, not cool. The school is racing to cover their asses before a meeting my friend has scheduled for tomorrow. I'm allowed to comment because this situation is really, really irresponsible on the school's part, and well, school hasn't officially started yet so I can be snarky about this.)

-Eat meals, not snacks. I have the nutritional intelligence of a 3 year-old. I'm a good cook and baker, but when it comes to making myself eat a meal versus eating a snack, snacks win every time. I don't think it's because I'm dumb; it's because I'm lazy. Here's the thought process: I need to have lunch. I could make a salad or a sandwich. Or eat some leftovers. But that would dirty another bowl. I hate doing dishes. What's in the freezer? Ooh...Mango Cream dishes involved. That will work.

-Be an adult. This is sad that I have been repeating this as my mantra chat. I have to consciously remind myself that I am not 19 anymore. You think that the three kids and husband and mortgage and ridiculously large conversion van would be a good reminder. But it's not. I also remind DH that he is an adult, too, and he is rarely happy I point this out.


  1. As someone who has no kids and often stares wistfully at the cute granola families in my neighborhood, with their cute German children that dress better than I do ...thanks, that was sobering ! Hm, I wonder if my old caboodles are still at my parents' house ...I could really use those for sewing supplies and tools now.

  2. Wondering about the whole school-not-knowing-about the IEP thing . . . is the student entering the school for the first time? If so, it's the previous school's responsibility (and the parent's) to share the information with the current school. I can't tell you how many times I've gotten a new kid in my class, and then find out a week or two later, that he/she has an IEP and needs special accomodations. Fact of the matter is, if the parents don't mention it when they register their child, the new school often won't know til the former school records show up . . . which can be quite some time.

    Now, if the student has been in the school before . . . well, then that's another issue.--Michele

  3. Hey Michele -

    That's what's so frustrating. K has been a student at this school since she was 3 - for Early Childhood. She's going into 2nd grade now - all at the same school. K's parents had that meeting today and were definitely "handled" but still drove home the point that this crap needed to be done before it ever got to this point. They admitted they totally dropped the ball and are trying like crazy to cover their asses.

    Thanks for reading the fine print! :)

  4. I remember when mine were in school and I got all those great titles like "snack angel" or "carpool buddy" or "whino"- wait, that was something entirely different.

    Look forward to chatting. Enjoyed the post!

  5. Hey look, I'm finally able to comment on your blog! Thanks for changing the settings. Yay!

    Jeanne M

  6. Hmm, well then yes. I'd be pretty ticked off at the school too.

    And you're welcome--I love reading all the snarkiness! Keep it comin'!--Michele